About The Retro League

The greatest league to ever exist...because it doesn't.

The Retro League links designers from around the world and features their works on fully-custom baseball, basketball, and hockey jerseys for anyone on Earth to order. Our designers can take your logo and create the actual jersey design, or you can submit your fully-designed jersey.

The best part? There are no minimums or preorders - all selected jerseys go straight to the store, stay on the store 24/7/365, and orders ship within 2-3 weeks of order. How? We (Triton) are a uniform and apparel company (founded in 2008) that owns the actual factory. No third-parties here.

Oh, and you'll get a free jersey of your design and 15% of the gross sales.

We're selective, so bring your A-game.
Contact Us to get the ball rolling.