How are your jerseys printed/decorated?

All patterns, logos, text, and colors on all jerseys are sublimated (printed) into our performance NanoDri fabric. This ensures that your jersey will never crack, peel, fade, or warp over time. Click here to learn more about our sublimation decorating process.

What material/fabric is used to make your jerseys?

All jerseys are constructed with our lightweight, moisture-wicking NanoDri performance fabric. Click here to learn more about our NanoDri fabric.

How much are your jerseys?

Our movie, tv, popular culture, video game, and NASCAR Legends jerseys are $59.99. Our vintage baseball jerseys are $79.99. It is free to customize your jersey with your own name and number (you can do so at checkout), and shipping is always free.

Can I customize my jersey?

Yeppers. All jerseys can be customized with your player number and most can be customized with your name (or someone else's name). And we won't charge extra for it. 

How long will it take for my jersey to arrive?

All orders are shipped within 3-4 weeks, beginning the business day after your order is placed (unless otherwise stated online). Manufacturing time is longer toward the end of every year and during the first few months of each year, so get your orders in as early as you can. All orders are shipped via the USPS, so transit time depends on where the package is going (our office is in Montgomery, Ala., where your package will begin its journey). We go into further detail about the exciting topic of shipping here.

Can I return my jersey?

We stand behind all of our jerseys like Elaine stands behind Puddy. If your jersey(s) is manufactured incorrectly - whether it be incorrect sizing, misspelled name, or any sort of imperfection, we will have another jersey made and shipped as quickly as possible. However, if your jersey does not fit you, but was made accurately according to our size charts, we cannot provide a refund or exchange of any sort. We strongly encourage everyone to check our size charts before ordering. All brands are different and there's no universal size chart.

Can I exchange my jersey?

No. Since we do not keep jerseys in-stock and custom manufacture all jerseys upon order, we cannot exchange your jersey for another. Please be sure to consult our size charts before ordering. All sales are final.

What are the measurements of your jerseys?

Check out our size charts.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer all designs in YS - YXL, and AS - 5XL. We also offer a 35XL in case you need a new boat sail. 

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You be the judge.

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They both sucked. Let's face it, The Office was really only seven seasons.