Where is the Cast of the Sandlot Now?

What Else did Benny from The Sandlot Star In?

Few movies about kids coming of age through baseball have had the same cultural impact as The Sandlot. Benny ‘The Jet” Rodriguez made his mark on the world as the star of this movie. 

And as most people would prefer not to notice, the movie did come out almost three decades ago. Despite how long ago the movie came out, some actors haven't changed much. Over the decades that have passed since the movie first came out, it is worth looking into how these actors have grown up and where they are now. Mike Vitar, who played Benny from the Sandlot is probably the one we wonder about the most. 

What Else Did Benny from the Sandlot Star in?

Of all the other actors who starred in the Sandlot, actor Mike Vittar has the most interesting journey. He acted for quite a while in his childhood. Now 43 years old, he currently serves as a firefighter in LA after a role in a TV show made him change his mind about acting.. 

Vitar was in the two Mighty Duck sequels quickly coming out in the following years after The Sandlot. The two sequels were D2/D3: The Mighty Ducks, where he played a character very different from his initial role as Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez. 

Many touted Mike Vitar for being a very gifted actor, as his performance was one of the major focal points of The Sandlot. However, Vitar would eventually give up the star-studded dream of the big screen as he moved on to become a firefighter in LA.  

Mike Vitar, who is especially famous for his role as Benny from the Sandlot, was also in a 1997 episode of a TV show called Chicago Hope. The episode was the last role that Rodriguez would take on before moving on to a new life. 

The Rest of the Cast of The Sandlot 

While Vitar would be the first of the crew to take off from acting in general and live a normal life, the rest of the film's cast has yet to change in any major way. 

  • Tom Guiry 

Tom Guiry, who played Scotty Smalls in The Sandot, made his acting debut with this movie. Despite being one of the smaller roles in the film, Tom managed to make his way into many productions in different films and TV shows. However, he also dropped out of the Hollywood industry, as he eventually moved to New Jersey and started a family. As of late, he focuses more on raising his kids and work, which leaves him little time to act. 

  • Patrick Renna 

Similar to most of his co-stars, like Mike Vitar (Benny Rodriguez), the movie The Sandlot was Patrick Renna’s debut performance. He managed to keep his streak as an actor going while winning the hearts of everyone who laid eyes on his wise-cracking self. He has recently moved on to focus on his responsibilities as a father. However, despite his success throughout various projects, he still believes he is behind many of his other costars.   

Sandlot remains one of the most influential movies to come out, even if some of its references can be a little old. Although most millennials and Gen z might not recognize who these people are, the truth is that these actors played roles that have managed to stick with them forever. 

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