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Semi-Pro is a sports comedy that tells the story of Jackie Moon (Will Farrell), a singer, who buys a basketball team, the Flint MichiganTropics. He becomes the owner, head coach, starting power forward, and also pre-game announcer. Semi-Pro won the 2008 Best Sports Movie.

The movie is set in the 70s and offers a lot of interesting and amusing references to this decade. This gives the movie a unique twist and added a layer of interest.

The Flint Michigan Tropics are the worst team in the basketball league, and their franchise existence is being threatened by league restructuring. The league announces that they are merging with the NBA, and only four teams will be making that move with them. Just winning isn't enough. In addition to finishing in the top four teams, the Flint MichiganTropics need at least 2000 fans at every remaining home game.

The Flint Tropics know that they need to make some magic happen. The team trades for Ed Monix, a backup point guard who helps the Tropics go on a winning run, and they are able to move from last place to fifth place.

Even though the Tropics are doing well and have momentum, the commissioner tells them that even if they finish in the top four, he will not let them move to the new league. This is devastating news for the team.

Even though they do not have anything to gain, they put all their effort into it. The Tropics lose two games in the playoffs before winning the final championship game. Afterward, Jackie is offered an NBA staff position as marketing director.

Semi-Pro is extremely funny and is sure to make you laugh throughout. The plot keeps you entertained and you become invested in rooting for success for the Flint Tropics.

As with many Will Farrell movies, Semi-Pro has developed a huge fan base. For any die-hard Semi-Pro fans that you may know, Retro City Threads has the perfect gift idea for you!

Semi-Pro: Flint Tropics Jersey

Retro City Threads offers tons of movie-themed jerseys, and has two different Flint Tropics jersey options for Semi-Pro fans to choose from when they are designing their in-stock or custom jersey. Retro offers both a Flint Tropics baseball jersey and a Flint Tropics basketball jersey. Both Flint Tropics jersey options feature Jackie Moon's last name across the back. You can customize this Jackie Moon Jersey with your own name, or order the movie replica style.

No matter what option Flint Tropics jersey you choose to buy for yourself, it is sure to bring you great pride when you wear it out. A Jackie Moon jersey is guaranteed to catch the attention when you are out in public from any Semi-Pro fan.

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