Cast of Hardball

Hardball, released in 2001 to much fanfare, was not remembered very well by critics. In fact, many of the fans who liked the movie initially forgot about it. That is, until many of them started to recognize that the Hardball cast would soon become some of Hollywood's most popular actresses and actors. 

While the Hardball movie as a whole did resonate considerably with various audiences, that did not stop lead actor Keanu Reeves from being nominated for a Razzie Award for worst actor. It  is worth looking, however,  at where everyone from the movie’s star-studded cast is right now. 

Famous Actors and Actresses from Hardball Cast

  • Keanu Reeves as Connor O’Neil 

In this early roles, Keanu Reeves plays a washed-up gambling addict who needs to get his act together and help a small team truly reach its goals. At the movie's start, Conner can barely find the right pants when going out to meet someone. But by the end, he’s a role model the kids on the Kekambas can look up to. 

Of course, following the Hardball movie, Keanu’s career would only continue to rise as he starred and then reprised his role in the Matrix movies and various other film projects. He would also move past the realm of movies and would even become the voice of Johnny SIlverhand in Cyberpunk 2077, a video game. 

  • DeWayne Warren as G-Baby 

One of the major characters in the movie was G-Baby, who handled a lot of the emotional weight of the film. As the youngest on the Kekambas team, he had to fight his way onto the team and show everyone he had what it takes to be there. His character G-Baby would even take the team to the championship after hitting THE game-winning shot.

The actor in question, however, has more or less been absent from the Hollywood scene. His only other role was in a niche cult film La Femme Vampir and its sequel. However, Warren is active on Instagram but has not appeared in any filming projects. 

  • Micheal Perkins as Kofi Evans 

Kofi Evans breathed life into another incredible character of the film, Kofi Evans was also responsible for a lot of the emotional heart of the film. But unlike most of his other costars, Perkins ended up going off the big screen for 15 years. While he has come back into acting, he is only working on smaller roles on TV shows like #Adulting. After giving his most memorable performance in Hardball, he has yet to make his big break.  

  • Michael B. Jordan as Jamal 

Micheal B. Jordan’s character Jamal was one of the few characters in the movie who didn’t play much baseball. Despite his relatively brief appearance, Michael B. Jordan would become one of the biggest actors in the industry, as he took on plenty of incredible roles after his start in the Hardball movie.

Some of Michael B. Jordan’s best roles are from the Creed series of films. He was also the villain in Black Panther. Jordan is also making his directorial debut with the latest Creed film. 

  • Diane Lane Plays Elizabeth Wilkes 

Diane Lane was one of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time of the movie and played the no-nonsense teacher. Despite her relatively passive role in the movie, Diane would go on to play a range of characters in different shows and movies. 

Hardball Cast 

Nearly all of the actors in this movie would go on to play iconic roles that would define their careers. Keen-eyed viewers will also notice Mark Margolis, who would go on to play Hector Salamanca in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

The Hardball cast was full of notable actors and their performance made this movie so memorable.  Retro City Threads has the best Kekambas jersey that can be custom made however you want it! This G-baby Hardball Jersey is the perfect way to show your love for the Hardball movie and the whole Kekambas team! 

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