Hardball- G-Baby and the Kekambas

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Hardball- A Classic Movie

The movie Hardball, starring Keanu Reeves, is a story about an ex-minor league baseball player who ends up coaching for his old inner-city team, the Kekambas. The movie is set in Chicago, IL and the big game takes place at Wrigley Field.

There are many humorous parts of the movie Hardball, but it also makes some powerful statements about growing up in a tough inner-city environment. The Hardball cast is made up of very talented actors that make the movie enjoyable.

The film was widely enjoyed and has developed a huge fan base. This movie was enjoyed by more than just sports and baseball fans due to its compelling storyline and quality acting.

Hardball - Cast

In the movie, Keanu Reeves is part of the Hardball cast and plays Conor O'Neill. His character is a self-centered, small-town sports star who ends up being asked to coach a poor inner-city kids' baseball team in order to repay his gambling debts. He meets the boys and their tough female advisor Daria at a low point in his life after having been arrested for fighting.

Eventually, there comes a big game that they play at Wrigley Field against a team from Northern Indiana. Conor is their coach and he has taught the kids discipline, respect, and how to work as a team instead of as individuals. In the end, they win the game, which brings their community together.

Conor also finds the love for baseball that he was missing all his life. He realizes he wants to coach baseball in the future. The evolution of his character as a coach and mentor was emotional and touching to viewers.

"Hardball" is very different from most sports movies that are made because it doesn't follow the traditional "underdog team with lots of heart" storyline. Even though they aren't very good at first, they keep practicing and working hard until they become great.  Also, even though Conor is very tough on the kids, he becomes very attached to them.

Hardball - G Baby

Conor is fully invested in the Kekambas and even helps one little boy by finding his mother. In a particularly sad turn of events, G-Baby is struck and killed by a stray bullet and dies before their big game.  This scene in particular is gut-wrenching, as G-Baby is easily one of the brighter parts of the movie  It is a very emotional movie, but has some truly hilarious scene.

Hardball - G-Baby Custom Jerseys

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