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Tecmo Bowl - Retro Video Game

If you’re a sports fan or even just a video game fan, you’ve probably heard of Tecmo Bowl. Before the insane technology advancements of today’s games like Madden that have become so realistic, there was this original, and basic football video game that was an instant classic upon being released. 

The original version of Tecmo Bowl began as an arcade game in 1987 that consisted of two fictional teams. The game was later released in 1989 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Who knew that an 8-bit video game, that offered just four offensive plays, could find so much popularity?

Tecmo Bowl is considered by many to be one of the best sports video games ever made.  This game has spawned sequels and it has been re-released to several different platforms since its initial release.  

This retro video game offered some of the most popular teams with some of the biggest stars at the time. Tecmo Bowl was the first console video game that featured real players from the National Football League. 

Tecmo Bowl gave you the ability to break tackles and run faster than the entire defense. It also allowed you to give Bo Jackson the handoff or take Joe Montana or your quarterback all the way to your defending endzone and throw a bomb the whole length of the field to Jerry Rice for a touchdown. 

Most of the teams had a simple playbook of two running and two passing plays. If the defensive team chose the same play as the offense, it would more than likely result in a loss of yardage or an interception.

Tecmo Bowl is a game that has not only stood the test of time, but possibly has gained more popularity over time.  Gaming systems have obviously become extremely more advanced than the Tecmo Bowl days, but there is some comfort in playing a “retro” game that you played as a child.  

Tecmo Bowl- Custom Video Game Jersey

Triton offers several different styles of custom video game jerseys, mainly featuring Super Tecmo Bowl Runman.  Tecmo Bowl jerseys are available in several different color baseball jerseys, basketball jerseys and hockey jerseys.  All of these Tecmo Bowl jerseys are fully customizable and are made of high quality material.  They are fully sublimated, so they will never crack or fade.  

A Tecmo Bowl jersey makes a great gift for fans of this old school Nintendo game.  Repping a Tecmo Bowl custom jersey will make all your friends jealous of your retro style.  

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