Iconic Sports Movies to Binge Watch 

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Sports movies are traditionally great options for the whole family to watch together.  Sports movies are usually geared toward a younger audience, so they are able to be enjoyed by everyone.  There are many great sports movies, but some have become truly iconic. 

Iconic Sports Movies: Semi-Pro

Semi-Pro is a comedy that was released in 2008.  It stars Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Andre Benjamin, and Maura Tierney.  This film is set in the 1970’s and follows singer Jackie Moon, played by Will Farrel.  Moon uses the profits from his hit single to make his lifelong dream of owning a basketball team come true.  

Unfortunately, his team, the Flint Michigan Tropics, is the worst team in the league.  Jackie and the Tropics attempt to turn their team around and not be forced out of the league.  This film has a huge fan following and is sure to keep you laughing from beginning to end.  

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Iconic Sports Movies: Space Jam

Space Jam  is a 1996 live-action/animated comedy starring Michael Jordan as himself.  In an attempt to win a basketball game and their freedom, the Looney Tunes seek help from retired basketball player, Michael Jordan.  Danny Devito plays the antagonist, and causes issues for the Looney Tunes along the way.  

This movie was so important to so many kids growing up, that they remade this movie 25 years later.  Michael Jordan is known by many to be the best basketball player of all time, so it is no surprise that this movie has become as iconic as it has.  

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Iconic Sports Movies: Rebound

Rebound is a 2005 sports comedy starring Martin Lawrence.  He plays a disgraced college basketball coach who goes back to his former middle school to coach the boys basketball team.  The team is far from perfect, and there are many funny moments as the team and coach begin to learn from each other.  Although he thought he wanted to return to college level, he rediscovers his love of the game and settles into staying in this position.

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Iconic Sports Movies: Mighty Ducks

Mighty Ducks is a trilogy of hockey-themed movies released in the 1990’s.  The movies revolve around a Twin Cities youth ice hockey team.  Starring Emilio Estevez as a young lawyer who must complete community service, he eventually becomes invested in his team and their success. 

The Mighty Duck movies were so impactful that there were spinoffs, a theme park, and hotel attractions.  Almost every kid who grew up in the 90s has seen at least one of these movies.  

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