Horror Movie Jerseys

Do you love horror movies? Do you love feeling like you're a part of the action? Well, now you can with Retro City Threads' custom horror jerseys!

These horror movie jerseys are perfect for any fan of the horror movie genre.

For fans of the Halloween movie series, we have a Michael Myers horror movie jersey. For fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street, we have a Freddy Krueger Elm Street horror movie jersey. For fans of Jason movies, we have a Jason Voorhees horror movie jersey, and for fans of Nightmare Before Christmas, we have a Pumpkin Kings jersey.

Retro City Threads really delivered on horror movie jerseys! 

Haddonfield, michael myers shirt, halloween michael myers shirt

Retro's Halloween jersey reps the infamous town of Haddonfield, and Michael Myer's name across the back- or customize with your own name.  The jersey has some cool details, like the butcher knife slicing across the chest, and the Jack-o-lantern on the sleeve. Michael Myers is one of the most haunting characters in horror movies, and this custom baseball horror movie jersey does it justice!

Nightmare on Elm Street shirt, Freddy Krueger shirt, Freddy Krueger shirts

A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the most classic horror movie sagas ever made.  Freddy Krueger and his antics are literally the stuff that nightmares are made of.  Retro offers both an Elm Street baseball jersey and hockey jersey, and both are equally fabulous.  The Elm Street horror movie jersey features the classic Freddy Krueger striped look, with slashes across the front and Krueger or your own name across the back. 

Camp Crystal Lake shirt, Jason Voorhees shirt

Any fan of Jason Voorhees is very familiar with Camp Crystal Lake, so this custom Crystal Lake Jason Voorhees baseball jersey featuring blood stains and a Jason mask on the sleeve is a perfect homage to the Jason franchise of movies. Get it customized with your name across the back and start giving people the creeps when you're out and about!

Pumpkin king shirt, Nightmare before Christmas shirt

Saving the best for last brings us to the jersey of the greatest Halloween movie of all time- The Nightmare Before Christmas.  This movie is iconic and has garnered a cult-like following and this jersey is the BEST gift for any fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas.   The colors and design of this Pumpkin Kings custom baseball jersey are exactly what you need if you are a fan of this movie or Halloween in general! Like all of Retro City's custom jerseys, the details and design of this jersey are phenomenal.horror jerseys, horror movie shirts

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