Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Jersey Edition

With Christmas coming up, and holiday gift buying in full swing, Retro City Threads has put together the ULTIMATE holiday gift guide for all of the people on your Christmas list this year!  

Jerseys make great gifts, especially for people who are hard to shop for.  Retro City Threads offers custom and in-stock jerseys for such a wide range of interests, you can literally do all your holiday shopping on one website!

Holiday Shopping List 2022- Best Gifts for Men

Best Gifts for Husbands/Best Gifts for Dads

For the husband or Dad  who needs nothing, a great option is a jersey from their favorite television show.  We’re living in a TV binging era, so pretty much everyone has a favorite television show that they watch repeatedly and quote often. Some of the most popular TV show themed jerseys from Retro City Threads are:

  • Schrute Farms/The OfficeSchrute Farms, The Office, Schrute Farms jerseyThe Office is such a classic television series and therefore has tons of fans. The cast of The Office is filled with amazing actors and actresses, and many of their other acting ventures have been just as enjoyable as The Office.  Their Schrute Farms Baseball Jersey is a great option for husbands who love The Office.
  • Lazy-O Motel/Ozark:Lazy-O Motel, Ruth Langmore, Ozard, Marty Byrd  Ozark is one of the best drama series to be released in the past few years, and their fan base is strong!  Ruth Langmore, played by Julia Garner, is one of the most compelling and strong characters that I can think of.  Retro City Threads’ Lazy-O Motel Baseball Jersey is a great option for Ozark fans who can’t get enough of the Byrde family.
  • Los Pollos Hermanos/Breaking Bad:  Los Pollos Hermanos, Breaking BadRounding out the list of great gifts for Dads is this iconic Los Pollos Hermanos Baseball Jersey from Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest shows of all time.  Whether you’re a fan of Jesse Pinkman, Walter White or even Gustavo Fring,  this Los Pollos Hermanos will make you feel like you are part of the cast of Breaking Bad.

Best Gifts for Brother/Best Gifts for Friend

For the brother or friend who is still watching all their favorite childhood sports movies, there are tons of in stock and custom jerseys from some of the most iconic sports movies of all time!

    • Bad News Bears:Bad news Bears  Arguably one of the most memorable sports movies to exist, this one was so good that they made an updated version in 2005.  The Bad News Bears shows a Little League team in need of some talent and discipline.  This Bad News Bears jersey features Chicos Bail Bonds across the back! 
    • The SandlotThe Sandlot, The Sandlot jerseyThe Sandlot is a great baseball coming-of-age story that shows the bonds that get formed and the memories made while playing team sports.  The Sandlot jersey at Retro City Threads is an awesome jersey to keep the memory of Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez alive.
    • Space Jam: Tune Squad, Space Jam Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad brought us a live-action/animated sports movie that joined the best of the real world and cartoon.  This was the first ever movie to be produced by Warner Brothers. This Tune Squad jersey is the ultimate throwback to a classic basketball movie.

Best Gifts for Disney Fans

For the theme park enthusiast, Retro City Threads offers TONS of Disney themed jerseys.What better outfit for the park than a Disney ride or movie jersey!Pizza planet, Toy story

    • For the Toy Story fans, this Pizza Planet jersey is out of this world!  Celebrate Buzz Lightyear and Woody with this Pizza Planet jersey!  If Buzz Lightyear is your childhood hero, check out this Space Rangers jerseyRadiator Springs, Cars, Disney
    • Fans of the movie Cars have won this race!  Retro City Threads has Radiator Springs Jerseys, Dinoco Jerseys, and Rust-eze Jerseys.  As Lightning McQueen said, “I wanted to give the folks a little sizzle”, and that’s what you’re doing with any of these jerseys. Star wars Jersey, Droids Jersey
    • Can’t talk about Disney or theme parks without talking about fans of Star Wars.  Star Wars fans are often huge collectors of memorabilia and a Star Wars jersey could be the one thing missing from their collection.  These Star Wars themed jerseys are definitely at the top of the list for Star Wars fans this holiday season! 


Retro City Threads

The best part of Retro City Threads is the diversity of the custom jerseys that they offer.  There is an in-stock or custom jersey for everyone on your list this holiday season! 

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