Custom Hockey Jerseys Make Great Gifts

Fully customizable hockey jerseys video game jerseys, tv jerseys and movie jerseys

With the holidays just around the corner, and birthdays ever present, finding the perfect hockey gift for your favorite hockey fan can seem like a daunting task.  A serious hockey fan might already have several hockey jerseys in their wardrobe. Luckily, Retro City Threads has a huge assortment of novelty jerseys that are guaranteed to please the hockey fan or hockey player in your life!  

Retro City Threads brings you quality, premium, and custom boutique jerseys at reasonable prices.  Every jersey is custom handmade to order and can be personalized with your name and number.  Retro City uses a sublimated process on their jerseys to guarantee that they will never crack, peel, fade or warp over time.  These are the best jerseys you can find. 

Retro City Threads combines high-quality sports jerseys with iconic sports movies, hit tv shows, and video games.  They truly offer the perfect hockey gift for any sports enthusiast that you know.  

Sports Movie Hockey Jerseys

If you are a fan of sports, there are several movie themed hockey jerseys available at Retro City Threads. These custom hockey jerseys are made of lightweight, premium performance moisture-wicking fabric. 

Mighty Ducks and Space Jam Custom hockey jerseys are great options if you are shopping for someone who is a fan of either of these movies.  Both are perfect representations of these classic sports movies.  Mighty Ducks was a great trilogy that is often thought of as the best hockey movie of all time. For basketball fans, the same can be true for Space Jam.  Space Jam is often considered the best basketball movie of all time.  

Purchasing either of these custom jerseys is a perfect gift for a sports movie fan.

Non-Sports Related Hockey Jerseys

If you love the look and feel of a hockey jersey, but aren’t a fan of the actual sport, buying a custom jersey is still possible.  Retro offers several non-sports-related hockey jerseys.  

The Office is thought of by many as one of the best television shows of all time.  The entire cast brings their characters to life and delivers hilarious content as their everyday work lives are depicted.  This show is very well written and extremely funny, easily making it one of the greatest shows of all time.  

The Dunder Mifflin Custom Jersey is guaranteed to make you the best present giver this holiday season. There is also a Threat Level Midnight The Office Custom Hockey Jersey, referring to the action film that Michael Scott debuts during one of the episodes. 

Anchorman is one of the funniest movies of all time.  Will Farrel is one of the best comedic actors ever, and this movie was one of his finest.  This is also one of the most quotable movies in comedy history.  Anchorman Ron Burgundy Channel 4 News Team Custom Hockey Jersey is one of the coolest articles of clothing you could ever gift or wear yourself.  This jersey features the classic burgundy suit jacket that Ron Burgundy is known for in the film.  This is the perfect Anchorman themed gift.

Video Game Custom Hockey Jerseys

For the gamer in your life, Retro City has several video game custom hockey jerseys.  For fans of boxing games, there is a Mike Tyson Punch Out Hockey Jersey.  When this game was released, it became the top performing arcade game that year!  Punch Out has a huge fan base who would love to own one of these custom jerseys. 

Tecmo Bowl is one of the first and best football video games ever released.  Even with the advances in graphics and game play, there is something so comforting about playing Tecmo Bowl.  Retro City’s Tecmo Bowl Custom Hockey Jersey is sure to please the football video game lover.  This jersey features the Runman, in perfect pixelation.  

Retro City Threads

Retro City Threads is the best place to look if you are trying to find the perfect custom jersey.  Their wide range of movie, television, sports and video game custom jerseys make them the clear winner for customizing your own iconic jersey.  

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